Soulful Sunday: Order in YOUR Court!


Happy Sunday Everyone :)

Everybody has everything going on.

From the car needing repairs and the house needing to be cleaned to the children needing new clothes and their homework needing to be checked. Whatever it is that we have going on, it's important to make sure that we have things in order.

Order is vital especially for those of us who live very busy lives. Things run much smoother when there's order and a "method to the madness". What things do you need to get in order in your life? What (or who) needs your immediate attention? What could you do right now to make your lifestyle easier for you?

On this Soulful Sunday, I want us to have a sense of urgency to get things in order in our lives.  No longer is it acceptable to just plow ahead at a high speed, barreling through life while leaving piles and piles of chaos and confusion behind. Be intentional about being orderly. Be intentional about getting and keeping your life together. Be intentional about getting it together NOW. You'll thank me later :)

Amy :)  


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