Recovering From a Not So Great Day (or Two)

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls :)

We all have not so great days. Those days when we feel like our energy is drained or nothing is going exactly as we planned or everything is just... blah. 

I myself had a FEW of those days this past week. It felt like I hit a mental, emotional and spiritual block. I felt stuck, stagnant and just.. there. I kept
asking myself, what is this block?? 

It wasn't until I spoke with my spiritual mother that I received MUCH needed revelation. She provided me with insight, direction and answers that helped me burst through the block. 

Recovering from not so great days is important. We have to make sure that even when we feel like we're down and out, we don't stay in that place. Pray. Write. Sing. Dance. Seek guidance. Whatever it is that you need to do to keep moving forward, do it!

There's so much greatness in you that needs to come out. Continue to strive to be the best see you, even if you've had a rough couple of days.

Amy :)


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