Get Your Mind Right in NEWvember!


Happy Wednesday Beautifuls!

It's the second day in NEWvember and we're gonna talk about ways to adapt to a new mindset. The first step in making a significant change in your life is to renew your mind. In lamest terms, if you want to live differently, you have to think differently. 

Take a mental assessment right now. Think about the things that you actually think about. Are they positive? Are they true? How about this: If everything you thought came true, would you be happy?

A change in mindset requires dedication, commitment and persistence. Just as you didn't start thinking the way that you did overnight, the process of renewing your mind will not happen overnight as well. 

The first step in renewing your mind is to fill it with truth. If you start thinking lies, you'll believe them and ultimately start living them. See, everything begins as a thought. That thought the  becomes a belief. It is our beliefs that shape our belief system. Our beliefs systems then begin to shape our lives. If we want to truly renew our minds, we must know and meditate on the truth. 

The second step in renewing your mind is to constantly meditate on the truth. How many times have you received life changing revelation?   Or you had an "aha" moment? But as we go on about our lives, we go back to what's comfortable, therefore forgetting the revelation that we just received. Sound familiar? This is simply because you didn't constantly keep truth before you. 

Renewing your mind can be a process but it doesn't have to be a strenuous one. If you want to change your thoughts so that you can change your life, email us here at to sign up for our "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" group session. During this group session, we will explore and discover why you think the way that you do and implement strategies to change it.  

Let's this November truly be a NEWvember by changing your thoughts so that you can change your life!

Amy :)!


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