To Much is Given, Much is Required

Happy Wednesday Beautifuls!

This bible verse has been sitting on my heart for the past four years. Understanding that we all have responsibilities that we have to take care of but what happens when you feel like your plate is so full but then more is added to it?

I want you to think about all the responsibilities that you have. Have you considered that the reason why you have the amount of responsibilities you have is because you can be trusted with them? Think about it: the most responsibilities goes to the best worker; the worker that has proven themselves to be sufficient enough to perform the duties. What if that best worker is you?

 Yes, it can get challenging at times. It can even get overwhelming. But what I want us to focus on is the fact that we have been trusted with responsibilities that cannot be taken lightly.  

So Beautifuls, I want you to hold on with everything that you have in you. Straighten up those areas that need tending to. Clean up those areas that keep you from truly fulfilling all that it is that you are responsible for. But no matter what, always hold on and never give up!

Amy :)


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