Style 101: How to Determine Your Style

Hello there Beautifuls!

For the entire month of September, we have celebrated and featured beauty, fashion and style and even though we've completed 30 Days of Style, we will still feature all things beauty, fashion and style throughout the year.

Now that we are on Day 30, it's time for us to now (if you haven't already), determine and even enhance your style. How? By revisiting past posts! The great thing is by revisiting post from the past 30 days, you are sure to find a COMPLETE look for you: hair, makeup, clothes, accessories AND shoes!

Also, another way to determine and/or enhance your style is to try everything on.  Try on everything until you find the shirt, dress, pants, dresses etc that you love. Experiment with differenct colors, textures and prints.

Again, be sure to revisit the past posts of 30 Days of Style to get inspired by Fall fashion and beauty.  And always, if you need more assistance, simply email me at!

Amy :)


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