Soulful Sunday: It All Starts With Me & You


Happy Sunday Beautifuls :)

As we began a new week, it's important for us to understand how blessed we are.  There are so many people who did not live to see today but you and I did.  That means we still have a purpose to fulfill.  That means we have work that still needs to be done.

We should never question whether what we have to offer is good enough because think about this: you and I were created for something special.  There's a specific purpose in which we all were created for and there's NO ONE else that can perform it but us.

We are beautifully and uniquely made. We each have our own individual quirks about us that make us special. So as we prepare for what I believe to be a beautiful and new week ahead, let us not forget that this week will be extra special simply because we're in it!

Amy :)


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