Do It Afraid!

Hello Beautifuls :)

Have you ever felt afraid to do something?  You were so nervous that you kept putting it off and even said, I'll do it tomorrow?  Have you ever talked yourself out of something simply because you were unsure about how things would turn out? If you answered to one or all of these questions, I have something to tell you:

Do it afraid.

See, there's a difference in feeling fear and walking in it.  We can feel anything, sad, happy, angry, joyful. But things take a turn when we begin to walk in it, meaning allowing the feeling to control what you think, do and say. What if I told you that you can actually control how you feel instead of allowing your feelings to control you?

There are many situations that we are going to face that seem and even look uncomfortable, overwhelming and just, too much!  The road ahead can look soooooo long that we talk ourselves out of even taking the first step.  But what if we feel the way that we feel.. and do it anyway?

Think about all of those things that we have been hoping and praying for being right on the other side of the uncomfortable, the unknown and the unfamiliar.  Fear is not a great reason to keep you from what you love, desire and want.

Are you ready to do it afraid? Well, let us take the first step... together!

I'm rooting for you!

Amy :)


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