Are You Ready for the New in NEWvember?

Happy Sunday Beautifuls :) 

This is a very exciting week because we'll be transitioning from the month of October to the month of NEWvember.  Now you maybe thinking, what is the NEWvember? 

NEWvember is the month where we position ourselves to receive all things new: new mindsets, new perspectives, new jobs, new relationships and anything else that we desire to be new. It is during the month of NEWvember that we will examine those things that keep us from fully receiving what it is that we desire. Now we know in order to get a new thing, we must do a new thing. So who's excited about receiving all things new?

On this Soulful Sunday, let us take a moment to relax. Enjoy this last Sunday of October because beginning Tuesday, November 1st, we have some work to do!

Are you ready for the NEW in NEWvember?

Amy :) 


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