Would You Let Money Change You?

Hi Beautifuls!

Most of us want to be millionaires, right? We want the new cars, big houses, blinged out jewelry, designer clothes etc. It's been said that money magnifies who we truly are so if you were blessed with a large amount of money, what would you do with it? Most importantly, would you let it change you?

Money is a resource that we use to pay our bills, satisfy our wants and even some of needs. Many people believe that money itself is the issue but the issues lie with the person in possession of it. Our money habits are a reflection of us, what we value and treasure. What type of person are you with money? Are you the type to spend it as soon as you get it? 

Know that whenever we are blessed with money, we are able to display our character Beautifuls. Also, if we choose to, we can allow it to change us for the worse. So, we have to make a decision to be who we are, no matter what we do or don't have. But if we are gonna to let money change us, let it change us... for the better. 

Amy :) 


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