Whatever You Receive, You Gave

Hey Lovies :)

We all know that success comes with a lot of hard work.  Those successful relationships we see,  the successful businesses, the successful ministries, are all a result of hard work.  Many of us want all of the good in life without having to work for it.  Because c'mon, who really wants to work that hard??

Think about this:  the only way for us to move forward out of the situations that we are in is to work hard to get out of them.  If you want your marriage to be healthy and strong, you gotta work!  If you want your children to grow up and be who they were created to be, you gotta work!  If you want your business/career to take off, guess what? You gotta work!  Oh, how much I would love for it to be easier to attain the things that we strive for.  But how can we learn the lessons that we need to and gain strength if we don't work.

So Lovies, don't be discouraged about the amount of work that needs to be done to get what it is that you are striving for.  Know that faithfulness has its rewards and as we remain diligent in our work and maintain perserverance and commitment, we shall reap the benefits of the hard work that we sow!

Roll up those sleeves Lovebugs!
xo Amy


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