The Seven Day Spending Freeze

Hi Beautifuls :) Happy Wednesday! 

Could you go seven whole days without spending any money? Do you believe that it is possible to only spend money on your needs as opposed to your wants for seven whole days?

Many of us say that we want to do better financially. We say that we want to be wealthy and even millionaires. But do our financial habits support our desires?

One of the best ways to begin working on our financial goals is to do a spending freeze. A spending freeze is when you stop spending money on anything other than necessities for an alloted amount of time. Some people decide to do a 10 day spending freeze or even a 30 day spending freeze. The length of the spending freeze is up to the individual

So Beautifuls, if we really would like to begin working towards our financial goals, I suggest and even encourage us all to do a seven day spending freeze. I believe that during this spending freeze, we will be able to see just how much money we spend in the areas of our wants.  Because if we want to be financially wealthy, we have to be able to make the necessary sacrifices to be so!

Amy :)


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