The Girl Code of Friendships


Hi Beautifuls!

No great friendship can exist without communication. Think about it: how can you expect to enjoy someone's company, companionship and time without effective communication? How can you expect to share great memories, great times and great moments in your life with someone you can't communicate with?

Great friendships need to have clear and definitive boundaries established. There needs to be a "code" which everyone adheres to. For example, if there is conflict that exists between you and your friends, how have you all agreed to settle it? If someone needs to borrow some money, has it been established that it's ok to ask?  Does everyone even know where they stand in your friendships?

There is a lot of assumptions that exist in friendships these days and that can be eliminated just by having a good ole fashion conversation. Voice your concerns and desires but also be willing to listen your friends' concerns and desires as well. Ensure that your friendships are healthy and reciprocal by making sure the "Girl Code" of your friendship has been established!

Amy :)


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