Is Everyone Winning... Or Just Your Friends?

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls :)

I always thought that when you have a group of friends, when one person wins, everyone wins. When one person celebrates, everyone celebrates. When one person goes through something, it's like everyone goes through that same thing. What I'm saying is, when you have a group of friends that love each other, respect each other and support each other, it's not uncommon for everyone to experience even what one friend experiences.

Can you honestly say that when one of your friends celebrates a particular achievement, do you feel like you're winning as well? Can you say that you are honestly and wholeheartedly happy for your friends? 

I know with my group of sisters, we support and celebrate everything. From birthdays and graduations to baby showers and marriages, we are there for each other, celebrating each step of the way.

Maybe this is something that you strive for in your friendships. My advice to you is to be the type of friend that you were looking for. If you want somebody to be happy for you, be happy for them. If you want someone to be supportive of you, be supportive of them. It's a beautiful thing to be in the midst of friends who are winning, because it feels like you are winning too!

Amy :)


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