Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Hi Beautifuls :)

Happy Wednesday!  We've all heard the question, Can money buy happiness?  My answer: NO.  Now, yes, money CAN buy things that can make you happy. It can buy you cars, homes, jewelry, pay for luxurious vacations, etc but it CANNOT buy happiness. 

First off, happiness isn't something that can be purchased nor attained.  Happiness is intangible, meaning we cannot physically touch it. We can feel it, which is awesome, but we cannot actually hold it.

Second, happiness shouldn't be something we can buy.  Think about it: if we could only buy happiness, what will we do if we don't have any money? I'm gonna leave this riiiiiight here....

So Lovebugs, if we seriously have to entertain that money can buy us happiness, we need to change our perceptions. Usually those who believe that money can buy happiness are those who don't have it. It's those who have sought happiness in things as oppose to within themselves. We can't allow for money or the love of it to think we can purchase something intangible. Money can buy many things but it CANNOT buy happiness!

Amy :) 


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