Build A Bond, Not A Bridge

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Hello to you all Roxie’s Powder Room!
   I must say that this has been an interesting summer! I was blessed with the opportunity to really spend time with my children. I’ve seen behaviors that I had no clue were there, and also feelings that were shared that needed to be known. I definitely had some ouch moments which gave me the chance to fix those things that were not pleasing. I can’t help to think if I didn't take the time to speak with them individually, how they felt would still be on their hearts. It's not that we didn't spend time together or we didn’t talk. But there is a big difference in talking about things in general than what is on the heart and how one feels.
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 When a parent shows an interest or concern in their child and even share in the excitement in the most tedious details of their child’s perspective, it allows the child to see that they are really cared for. It’s so easy to groom them for school, prepare meals and keep a shower schedule. But what about the “in between”? By not paying attention, you can easily miss those critical moments that is essential for you to help them sort out those feelings of confusion, doubt, fear and anything else that is thought about.
   Show them that you care about their every need, thought, hope and frustration.  Make the effort now to actively participate in your child’s life. Don’t just assume nothing is wrong because they actually haven't presented you with a problem. This will lead to the bond that needs to be built and the trust we desire to hold. All parents will have hit and misses, but it’s better to keep a line of communication open now than to build a bridge over failures later.

Much love,

    Jhotee’ Mosley


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