Before You Spend Your Money Tomorrow...


Hi Beautifuls!

Just wanted to check in real quick! Before you spend your money tomorrow, consider what you're spending it on.  You can make the decision RIGHT NOW what you want to do.  You can give yourself a budget of how much you're gonna spend and how much you're gonna save. 

We need to be more conscious of where and what we spend our money on.  Many of us are surprised at how much money we spend when it comes time to sit down to go over our finances. But at the same token, we want to be millionaires. Ok, now, how many of us are ready to adopt millionaire habits? 

I've said this before, our checkbooks can reveal a lot about who we are and being more financially savvy can be more beneficial than we think. By making a plan and deciding what were gonna do in advance can set us up for financial breakthrough as oppose to financial failure!

Good night!
Amy :)


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