What Does Your Reflection Look Like?

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      Being that we are not perfect, there is always room for improvement. I’m sure we can all agree on that! There are times we will walk in our absolute best, and there are times we may lose our cool making those mistakes that could never be rid of. What next? 

As we relax at the end of the day getting ready for the next, it is always that time frame where one begins to consider the days adventure. So, I want to ask you one simple question.. What does YOUR reflection look like? Does the assessment of your successes lead you to walk the path of arrogance and pride?  Or does the contemplation of your failures condemn you?

     There are many roles that we are called to fulfill, and it is going to be times that our integrity and character will be tested, even by our loved ones. It may catch us off guard, allowing us to run all the way to the left.  Incidents may happen that should not take place, even words may be exchanged leaving us with deep regret. When we begin to feel like that, we have to remind ourselves that  we all fall short. Not that we are giving ourselves a pass, but understanding that there are areas in our lives that needs maturing. For example, admitting your wrongs WITH an apology. DON’T apologize and still pointing the finger. You might as well not say anything at all. Regardless of who was right, this is a reflection of your character. Be free!

We are bound to win, so do not let triumph overshadow humility. Neither let your failures define who you are!

Jhotee' Mosley


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