What Are You Spending Your Money On?


Hi there Beautifuls :)

Today, I want you think about what it is that you spend your money on. The best and quickest way to see is to check your check book. Look into you account RIGHT NOW and look at your purchase from the last two weeks.  What have you spent your money on? What is important?

I believe that everyone who is reading this wants to be wealthy.  I believe that we can all be wealthy but we need to first adopt a wealthy mentality. If you want to be debt free, research what you have to do use to find out to be debt-free. If you want to be a millionaire, research what they do and how they live.  As you study to prepare for how you want to be financially, know that it's very important to keep an eye on your finances. 

So Beautifuls, from this day forward, I want us to do a better job at monitoring our finances.  I want us to use wisdom when it comes to what we do with our money. It is a resource that has been given to us and we MUST use it wisely or else, it WILL be wasted!

Amy :) 


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