What Are You Focused On?


Hi Lovebugs :) Happy New Week!

For this brand new week, I want us to think about the things we are focusing on. Is your focus where it should be? How much progress have you made in your life focusing on what you're focusing on? 

Not everything we give attention to deserves it, so for today, check your focus. Whatever it is that you are focusing on should get you closer to where it is that you need and want to be. If it does not, it needs to be shifted. Now, there are some of us that need to actually have something to focus on. You're going with the flow, not really engaged in your life or the people in it. You're just.. breathing... existing... being. The issue is, because you lack focus, you lack progress. 

So, today is the day that we shift our focus. Today's the day to make sure that we are on track with our goals. We're in the second half of 2016 leaving us with less than 6 months to finish the year off strong. What are you ready to do to get things done? What are you ready to sacrifice to get what you want. The best way to change your life and change it dramatically is to change your focus!

Amy :)


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