Weathering the Storm

Hello Beautifuls :) Happy Thursday!

I want to talk to those of us who are in the midst of a storm. Being in the midst of the uncomfortable, the unknown and uncharted territories can be a little scary.  It seems like everything is going wrong. We're trying to be right but we keep ending up left. We try to take two steps forward and then get knock ten steps back. Finally, we find ourselves asking, what's going on??

What's going on is that there are lessons that we must learn that can only be taught to us by going through something. Think about it: we didn't realize how strong we were until being strong was our only option. We didn't know how much we could endure until our limits were tested. We didn't know how far we could go until we decided that we're not turning back  

So Beautifuls, if you find yourself in the midst of a storm right now, GET HAPPY! Why? Because there's an opportunity for you to learn some beautiful lessons and discover that you can actually walk on water!

Amy :)


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