Soulful Sunday: I'm Disappointed...Now What?

Hi Lovebugs :) Happy Soulful Sunday!  

You had such high expectations. You just knew things were gonna turn out exactly how you pictured it in your mind. You were overjoyed with anticipation, just believing everything's about to happen... And then BOOM!  Things happen but not in the way you'd expected them to. You go from being extremely excited to utterly disappointed. How could this happen? Did you miss something?

Disappointment sucks! Point. Blank. Period. Unfulfilled expectations will leave us hurt, disappointment and discouraged. We try to find the answers because it just doesn't make sense. And if we're not careful, the sting of disappointment can cause us to lose hope and reduce our expectations to just "it would be nice". 

Should we have expectations?  How can we know if they're too high?  Too low?  Is it that we've allowed entitlement to sneak in?  What happened??  

It is during those times of disappointment comes the opportunity for a new thing to be done in us. We learn long-suffering and how to endure (why oh why can't life be easier). If our expectations aren't fulfilled, can we still believe that they will be at some point or do we just give up?  Do we take the hit for now and just pray that things will eventually get better?

Even when we don't get what we expect, know that all is well and look forward to all of the wonderful things waiting for us later down the road!

Just hold on,
Amy :) 


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