Kodak Moment By Guest Blogger, Jhotee Mosley

Hello to you all beautiful people of Roxie’s Powder Room!

Summertime is officially HERE! I am actually excited! Though I do not particularly like being hot, I do love to swim! In this season, summer can mean so many things for different people. To a husband and wife, summer just may be the time for a nice and relaxed vacation. For those of you with children, that means school is out, and that spells let the fun begin! For the family that consists of the wife staying at home, or for the family where both the husband and the wife does work, you're probably asking the same question: What can I plan with the kids to make their summer fun?

Whether you are financially stable enough to plan a weekend getaway, spend a day at the amusement park or you may not be financially flexible at all, it is your presence that means the world to your family. Allowing yourself to be absolutely available and give your undivided attention signals that you are open and willing to listen. Give your love and interact with your family to make memories that will last a lifetime. One thing I do enjoy with my children is “movie night” consisting of a nice movie on Netflix with some ice cream Sunday's. They definitely know when Friday comes, it’s movie night!


Remember, it is not where you go, it's simply what you do to create a Kodak moment. Investing quality time with your children will be held close to their hearts for years to come! My advice to you all is: stay hydrated, keep cool and apply lots of sunscreen! Make it your best summer because there are memories to be made!

 Jhotee Mosley


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