What is a Lifestyle Detox?

Happy Saturday Beautifuls :)

Beginning on August 1st, I will be doing a "Lifestyle Detox". Now some of you may be thinking, what is that? A Lifestyle Detox is a detox that you do to detoxify your spirit, your mind and your body. Usually when you think or hear of a detox, it focuses on your body, ridding it of all of the impurities and toxins. But there are also impurities and toxins in our spirits, minds and lives that need to be dealt with. 

This Lifestyle Detox will reveal, identify and remove the impurities and toxins that have built up in our lives overtime. If you want to clean and tighten up your life and actually how to, contact me at roxiespowderroom@gmail.com to see how to get started. 

Don't wait to begin getting your life in order! Let August be the month where you experience new beginnings and start living the life you want to live by participating in the Lifestyle Detox!

Let's start living!
Amy :)


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