The Power of Influence


God bless you all Roxie’s Powder Room!
The most important stages of life for your children are from birth to adolescence. I say this because their minds are constantly growing and absorbing everything around them. Parents set the foundation for their children, consciously or unconsciously, and by the time they grow into their teenage years, the child is influenced to be who they are. Everyday they are taught something different from tv, music and even the behaviors of their parents. Whatever a child’s environment is, they will become a product of that environment. It could be a positive, loving and encouraging environment OR a negative, uncontrolled and toxic environment. Either way, a child’s behavior will speak for itself. Why do I say this? Because children are sponges and they will imitate what they see.

According to the definition of influence is the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior,opinions, etc., of another or others. A lot of times, parents are frustrated with their child because of the child’s behaviors, leaving the parent to discipline the child but forgetting that it was their own level of influence that led to this behavior. The easiest way to correct a child’s behavior is for a child to see their parent walking in the desired behavior FIRST. Yes, your child will eventually go to school to become exposed to certain behaviors and peer pressure and that will make any parent cringe. BUT if you set the foundation for the child before they are able to talk, you won't have a lot of unwanted behaviors to correct.


Not only is it expected that you talk, teach and train your child in everything that they need to know CORRECTLY, it is important that your actions line up with what you are instructing them to do. Remember , it is the power of influence that you have on your child that will ultimately guide them to become a successful leader or a struggling adult.

Hugs and love to you all,
Jhotee’ Mosley


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