In It To Win It!


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This year makes the second year that my husband and I have been married. Honestly speaking, we have had many challenges that could've been avoided if we would have communicated effectively with each other. I've also found that many couples have a mentality of living to please their spouse, forgetting about their very own needs! If those needs are left unmet long enough, it leads to frustration and resentment. There are some things that our spouses can grow to understand about each other through learned behavior and there is also a major portion to be understood through the verbalization of how each other feels and what they truly expect from one another.


In marriage, you have no time for selfishness or playing the blame game . There is no room for secrets. You two have a life to build with each other! Be open and honest but most importantly allow yourself to be someone your spouse can confide in and trust. You are definitely going to make some mistakes, but I think the beauty of it is learning from it all. Show your spouse without sounding the horn and bringing the spotlight on you that you are trying by action.  

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Make your life together fun and inviting; you are LIFE partners. You are each other’s best friend! Research new ways to add romance, arrange a surprise date night with the baby sitter in place, live spontaneously! But most importantly, know that you are each other's investment. There is a lifetime of time, love and communication to be spent. Your marriage is what YOU make it so be in it to win it!

  Jhotee’ Mosley


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