Are You Healthy?

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 It is safe to say that love is the most sought after emotion that human beings have. Whether you seek to feel loved in the relationship with your parents, your siblings, or your own spouse and family, this is an emotion that helps to set the tone for every relationship. Even though the emotion of love may be present, it does not always indicate that it is indeed a healthy relationship. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of relationship is "the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other." This means how we talk, behave and deal with other people determines if it is in fact a healthy relationship!

Here are 5 qualities of having a healthy relationship:

  1. Mutual Respect- Having respect for each other means that you value who each other is and never challenge boundaries

  2. Trust and Honesty - There is no way a healthy relationship can be maintained if there is lack of trust built on a foundation of deceit

  3. Support- Giving words of affirmation and lending a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen will show that you are there when needed

  4. Fairness/ Equality- forget the power struggle and serve each other!

  5. GOOD Communication- A Lot of assumptions and quarrels would not take place if words were communicated in such a way that gives understanding. Learn to talk to a person, not at them!

There are about 7.4 billion people on this earth, which means there are even more relationship connections! So, it’s absolutely necessary that we keep and maintain relationships that are mutually beneficial and essential.

Naturally, we will grow to feel love for our parents, siblings and friends which may open the door to becoming comfortable and familiar with the relationship you have, tolerating things you normally wouldn't tolerate and even exhibiting qualities of unhealthy behavior just because they are close to you holding a certain title. That doesn't give you permission to accept nor walk in those ways either. If you realize that you do have unhealthy relationships, make steps to help mend your connection!

Peace and blessings to you all!
Jhotee Mosley


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