Who's Waiting for You to Change?


Hi there Lovies! Happy Tuesday!

Do you know that there are people waiting for you to change so that they can change?

Now some of you may be thinking, I can't change anybody! Guess what? You're right! You can't. BUT you can have such a positive influence on someone that will make them want to change! We as people really want to change but aren't willing to put in the work it takes to actually change. We want something for nothing. The only issue with that is, it actually produces NO change at all.

Making the choice to change is all up to us.  When making that choice, we have to be sure to put action behind our decision. Who's waiting for you to change?  Who's waiting for you to change internally so that you can affect change externally

Be the change that you're expecting and wanting to see. In doing so, you'll set off a chain reaction of change in others that will not only bless you, but those surrounding you!

Amy :)


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