What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger!


Hi there Lovebugs :)

We've all heard the popular phrase "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" but how many of us can really grasp what it's saying?

Merriam Webster defines strength as "the quality or state of being strong.".  There are situations that will occur that will be uncomfortable, painful and sometimes, unbearable but it's in those situations that our strength has the opportunity to cultivate. It's during those times of discomfort that we can hold on, believing that all truly is well.  It's during those times of pain that we learn to lean on a strength that some of us don't even know is present.  It's during those times of anguish that we really have the opportunity to see what we're really made of.

If I can be honest, many of us want things easy.  We want no drama, no obstacles, no problems, no issues, no nothing!  But unfortunately, that's not the type of world we live in .  In a world filled with problems, issues and setbacks, it's important that we remove strong and unmovable even when everything (and everyone) around us presents conflict and discord.

So Lovies, the next time a situation comes that hurts your feelings, gets you upset or is inconvenient, hold on and fight through it.  Fight for your peace! Be determined to endure with grace.  Because when the storm is over, you'll not only come out victorious but you'll have the strength and stamina as proof that you've made it!

Amy :)


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