Soulful Sunday: Walk by Faith

Happy Sunday Lovebugs :)

What a beautiful day it is! As I'm writing this, the sun is out and the temperature is nice and mild. I love this type of weather and am looking forward to enjoying it more. 

I'm also thinking about the week ahead; thinking about all of the wonderful possibilities awaiting us. What do you think will happen this week? What are you believing will transpire?

On this Soulful Sunday, I want us to prepare to walk by faith this week. I want us to think, speak and act like whatever it is that we are believing will happen for us this week. For example, I believe that my business will increase this week. So, in order to walk by faith, I will meditate on how I want my business to increase. I will actually speak increase over my business and finally, act as if my business has increased. 

Wonderful things happen when we begin to walk by faith. Doors begin to open. Opportunities begin to present themselves. And all we have to do is believe it in order to receive it!

Are you ready to take the walk?

Amy :)


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