Living Life Consistently

Good Day to you all Roxie’s Powder Room!


    Everyone in their lifetime will eventually cross paths with a person who behaves the complete opposite of how they are treated. You display love to them and in return, they mistreat you. You are nice to them and in return they try to take advantage of you. You confide in them and give them your trust and in return, they gossip about your personal business. It may have raised some unpleasant feelings dictating your behavior, leading you to walk the path of inconsistency.

   According to the definition of consistent is “always acting or behaving in the same way”. There is always going to be people who don't cherish the time that you give to them, nor will they treat you justly. Guess what? That is PERFECTLY ok! Continue to keep the qualities that allow you to have integrity and good character. Being consistent to who you are allows you to exercise moral standards that this world desperately needs. It is much easier to repay someone with revenge, but to love and respect someone who has hurt you goes above and beyond than the average person would do!


    The clothes, jewelry, even houses and cars will all get old and worn. When it's all gone, what will you have left? Don’t allow your outer beauty set you apart from the world.  But, let your character speak for itself, being consistent no matter who crosses your path. This will set the example of what the world should strive after, being virtuously attractive.


    Jhotee’ Mosley


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