How Would You Define Friendship?


Hi Lovebugs :) Happy Tuesday!

Today, let's talk about friendships. It's always great to have friendships that are healthy, positive and beneficial. We want to have those friends who will stand by us through thick and thin. We want those friends who can laugh with us and also cry with us too. We want to have those type of friendships that are solid, can stand the test of time and don't miss a beat, even in the midst of life's changes. Now,  my question is, do you have the type of friendships that you want?

Think about the friendships that you currently have. How would you define them? Are you happy in them? What could be better, if anything? As you think about your friendships, I want you to also think about this: as you consider the type of friendships that you would like to have, be that type of friend that you want in them!  

A lot of us find this concept to be very interesting because we're so use to receiving what we want as oppose to giving it. We know what we want, even how we want it but when it comes time to give, there's some hesitation there. Could our friendships be more rewarding and fulfilling if we just begin to give what we want??

Am I saying we should not concern ourselves with getting what we want? Nope! Am I saying we should just accept unhealthy friendships just for the sake of having them? Not at all! What I'm saying is this Lovies: once you define the type of friendships that you want, commit yourself to give exactly what it is that you want so that you can get it!

Amy :) 


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