How to Plan the Perfect Girls Night In!

Hi Lovebugs :) 

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that you truly have great friends. Friends that you can trust, be vulnerable with and have fun with. A great way to celebrate great friendship is to have a Girls Night In! Yes, a Girls Night IN! 

Having a Girls Night Out is a wonderful time to spend with friends but what happens when your finances prevent you from going out? Or you may not have a baby sitter? Or you just prefer to be in the comforts of your own home?

Planning a Girls Night In does not have to be some strenuous ordeal. Just have the following things in place and you're sure to have fun:

1. Pick a Date - First things first. You and your girlfriends need to decide on a date that is good for everyone to get together. Make sure you are considerate of everyone's schedule, responsibilities and prior engagements. 

2. Choose Where You're Having Girls Night In - Here are some things you may want to consider when deciding where to have it: Who's house can accommodate everyone? Who's house is in the best location? Who wouldn't mind hosting?

3. Create a Menu - Now this is the fun part to me!  What's a party without food?!  You and your girlfriends need to come together and select what food you would like to eat and who will be cooking it. Everyone usually has that "one dish" they they're known for so you can also make it a pot luck. 

4. Choose the Activities You Will Do - Do you want to play games? Watch a movie? Discuss whatever it is that you want to do and make a decision. 

5. Decide on What to Wear - Just because the party is inside, that doesn't mean you have to stop being fabulous! Make sure your hair is tight, your face is beat and your outfit is fierce!

I pray that this helps you all to plan a fun and fabulous Girls Night In!  You don't need to have a lot of money to enjoy the company of your friends. Just be creative, think outside of the box and get ready to enjoy your Girls Night In! 

Amy :)



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