How to Find Your Purpose in 3 Steps!


Happy New Week Lovebugs!

Each one of us was created to solve a problem.  The problem is not all of us know what problem we are to solve. 

But I have some great news!  You can find out what your purpose is, if you don't already know. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Ask God - Seeking the Creator to find out why you were created is the first step in finding out what your purpose is. Go before Him, believing that He will actually answer. Ask Him the questions directly that you want answered. He will answer but we have to prepare for whatever it is that He reveals. 

2. Get information - As you ask God what your purpose is and He begins to speak to you, it's VERY important to get as much information as you can about everything the Lord reveals to you. For example, the Lord told me that I would be starting a business. Then He began to reveal to me the kind of business that He wanted me to start. From there, I researched everything I could about starting and running a business. To this day, I still read and research everything pertaining to my business so that I can continue to be effective in business. 

3. Learn by doing - Yes, you have to actually get out there and do something. What good is finding out what you're suppose to do, getting the information on how to do it but not actually doing what you're suppose to! Don't let fear stop you from pursuing your purpose. Keep at it until you're GREAT at it!

I hope that these practical steps will assist you in finding your purpose. Here at Roxie's Powder Room, our motto for 2016 is "Walking in the Fullness of Life" and how can we achieve that without discovering our purpose. Also, if you would like additional information on how to find your purpose, text PURPOSE to 631-484-7985

Let today be THE day that begin to discover and pursue your purpose!

Amy :)


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