For Better or For Worse


Good day to you all Roxie’s Powder Room!


I know there are a lot of people who strongly desire to become married. It’s every girl's dream to find her knight in shining armor; the one who will sweep her off of her feet and live happily ever after with. After all, it is the beginning of the traditional way to start a family, for better or for worse. Those words sound so beautiful and endearing while you're holding each other’s hands and looking into each other's eyes, exchanging vows. But as life goes on, and the times change you are allowed the privilege to witness your spouse at their absolute best AND their absolute worst!


Whether you get married with a  five thousand dollar ring, or with none at all OR you decide to have a religious ceremony instead going to the justice of peace OR it may be your first marriage or your third, thoss words spoken on that very day, will NEVER change. It opens the doors of trust and security, something  that doesn't have to be spoken in words, but is confirmed by actions.  Your significant other is not always going to walk in perfection, every single day of their life. You are that very special person who vowed through better or worse to love your spouse at their very best, or their ugliest worst.

I want to remind you all that we all have good days, and we all have bad days. Being married is so special because you are able to conquer those good and bad days together- in love and patience with respect and communication. Exhibiting these qualities will allow you both to grow a bond so tightly knit together you will begin to understand that it really isn’t about you. If you both will focus on serving each other, the expectations that you have for one another will begin to be me. Instead of keeping the spotlight on yourself, asking your partner, “Well what about me?!” and that light seems to dim, think back to that very day you spoke those words in truth “ for better or for worse” and keep pushing.

I love you all!

   Xoxo Jhotee’ Mosley


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