Fashion Friday: Do You Know Your Style?

Happy Fashion Friday Lovebugs :)

Do you know what your style is?  Do you know what clothing works best for your body type? Well, today's post will help you!

Finding out your style does not have to be a dreadful process but you will have to invest some of your time.  The first way to discover your style is try on EVERYTHING!  If you see a top that you like, try it on, If you see a dress that you like, try it on. There are some of us out there that "buy by looking."  What that means is we buy something just based on seeing it but without even trying it on. And then what happens is, we have to either return it or exchange it because the top, dress or jeans that we purchased didn't exactly fit the way we thought!  

The second way to discover your style is to know your body type.  Knowing your body type will help you to know how to dress it.  Below your will find a chart that shows the different body types.  Also, I did a blog about finding the perfect jeans for your body type.  To view it, you can click here!

The above pic can be used as a guide to determine what your body type is, if you do not know it. has an awesome article on "How to Dress for Your Body Shape". To view it, you can click here!

The last way to discover your style is to experiment.  It's ok if you're still trying to figure out what works best for you.  If you like to wear t-shirts and jeans. find out which style of t-shirt (scoop neck, crew neck, square neck, etc.) and jeans (straight, skinny bootcut, etc.) works best for you. If you like to wear dresses, find out which length  (knee length, calf length, maxi, etc) works best for you.

I hope these tips help you find out what your style is.  Remember, your image and appearance is your business card to the world.  So I want you to ask yourself, What is it that I'm saying without even parting my lips?

Amy :)


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