Family Time

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     As I am learning to balance my schedule, it can definitely feel like I’m in a circus juggling act! Especially with having two children in school, and one child at home preparing for school in the next school year. Not to mention other obligations I have been called to fulfill in decency and in order. Fortunately enough, we can be called to do and be many things but what matters the most and what comes first, other than God, is home; your family. Our children need us more than we may think. Truth be told, if they aren’t executing the task at hand that has been assigned to them well enough , it hasn't been taught in a way for it to be understood.

Fathers, your sons need you to go outside with them to throw the ball back and forth. After all, he will grow into the kind of father you are to him. Mothers, your daughters need you to keep them under your wing to teach them everything they needs to know about growing into a respectable young women. If you don't teach, pour and correct them, they will learn from the world. That is the last thing any parent needs, considering what is going on in the school systems and in the world.

Make time for your children. They need that more than cookies and video games. They need to see Mommy and Daddy together with all of the children. It will teach them that a family is whole with both parents, and not to settle for anything less. Because they deserve more! Try to AT LEAST have family time twice a month, OR every other weekend! Remember time invested is time well spent!

I love you all! xoxo
Jhotee' Mosley


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