A Moment of Cleansing & Purging


Happy Saturday Lovebugs :)

As we are enjoying this beautiful Saturday, it's a great time for us to reflect on our week before going into a new one tomorrow.  As we cleanse and purge, ask yourself these questions: 

1. What are some great things that happened this week? 

2. What are some not so great things that happened this week?

3. What am I going to continue doing next week? 

4. What am I going to stop doing?

5. What am I going to start doing?

6. What things am I going to do differently?

For some of us, it seems like we're living the same week over and over again. Things aren't changing.  We're stuck in the same routine. We just can't seem to find out what's going on. 

Answering these questions can help put things in perspective; break the monotony. Doing some reflection on your life can reveal the things that simply aren't working... and also give you the opportunity to do something about it!

Amy :)


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