Why Don't You Do Something New?


Happy Saturday Lovebugs!

Yesterday, we had our His Daughters group. During the meeting, we talked about out with the old and in with the new. We discussed those old habits, old behaviors and old thinking patterns that we want to do away with. We also discussed those things that we would like to do; for example, take a new class, learn a new language or travel the world. 

Then I thought about something. 

It's time for us to do a new thing. But before we do something new, we must get rid of the old. We must get rid of old thinking, old actions and old behaviors.  Once we do this, we are put in a position to receive the new. We're in a better position to even do something new. 

So as we are about to begin a new day, let us have the mindset of doing something new. Let everything old go so that we can really receive the new! 

Amy :) 


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