Where's Your Paradise?


Hello To You Roxie’s Powder Room!

Many of you can agree that adulthood is not all that it’s cracked up to be! From unexpected bills to maintaining your house hold, things may get a bit overwhelming especially trying to keep a schedule.  At times, I become bored with the same ole’ same ole’. Exploring the new gives me a joy that I cannot explain. I absolutely love the ocean, watching the sunset and I love TRAVELING! It’s just something about visiting a new place that is breathtaking to me!  

So, I want to ask you this: Where is your PARADISE?

Is there a place that you have traveled to before that you fell in love with enough to travel there again? Or, have you never traveled, but you have seen beautiful places on the internet that tells you “That’s it?” There is nothing but time and opportunity to start researching and making plans to travel and experience your paradise! I want you to make it a POINT to say “YES” to vacation and “NO” procrastination!

Here are some of my favorite places that I call paradise:


   Jhotee Mosley






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