Soulful Sunday: What Do You Expect?


Happy Sunday Lovebugs :) 

What are you expecting?

Some of us have some great expections.  We believe that great things are going to happen and we can barely contain ourselves. Now, there are some of us who aren't really expecting anything mostly because we don't wanna get our hopes up. We don't want to hope wish or desire something and it not happen, leaving us disappointed. 

On this Soulful Sunday, I want you to be in expectation. I dare you to believe and EXPECT your hearts desires. Why, you may ask? WHY NOT!  Do you know you can expect something without even realizing you're expecting something? How you may ask?  If you are expecting for nothing to happen, guess what will happen? Nothing!  If you're expecting not to win, guess what? You ain't win!  Now imagine what can happen if you expect something you actually want?! 

So Lovebugs, I want you to start believing and expecting whatever it is that you really want. I want you to have faith and believe that what you desire can actually happen. If you're struggling to believe or find it challenging to be positive, email me TODAY at to schedule your FREE assessment with me! Together, we can set your expectations, establish your beliefs and put yourself in a position to receive what it is you desire! 

Amy :)


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