Happy New Week!

Hey Lovebugs, Happy New Week!

I'm so very excited to see that we have been blessed with yet another week. And as I stated yesterday on Soulful Sunday, I believe that this will be our BEST week ever!

Usually people dread Mondays because it signals the end of the weekend (I use to be like that!). But Mondays aren't that bad because it also marks the beginning of a great work week. 

How do you want to start this week off? 

How do you want to set the tone for the week?

We have more power than we think we do when it comes to our lives. Do you know that we can actually expect something and it will actually come to us? So imagine if you not only declare that this will be the best week ever, but you actually expect it to be?! What wonderful things can happen! 

So Lovebugs, as you go about the day, position yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to make this the BEST week ever. Decide what it will take to be the best and then act on it. As the week goes on, you'll see that this week will turn out to be your best week EVER! 

I'm excited for you!
Amy :)


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