The Company You Keep


Greetings to you all Roxie’s Powder Room!
I know it is a good feeling to know that you have a circle of friends, acquaintances and associates. Who doesn’t like having someone to confide in, seek wisdom from or even vent to from time to time..RIGHT?


It is wisdom to have friends who will speak life into you. People who will believe in you when you don’t even believe in yourself. People who will uplift you at all times, even hold you accountable for those times of procrastination. They will do these things simply because of the love they have for you. 

But as the saying goes “people judge you by the company that you keep.” This is true, even in the eye of the law. Not all friends are good friends. Not all company is good company. Being in the presence of bad company will ruin your good character. You usually can tell what kind of person someone is when you observe how they treat others. This also gives you an indication of how they will behave towards you! 


Make an investment within yourself that the friendships you keep are with friends who will speak words to imbue you in your future.

I believe in you all, the sky is the limit for you!
XOXO, Jhotee’ Mosley


  1. Yes, this is so very true. I thank God for removing the fair weather friends, and He has placed me with the right ones. Some were some good friends, but we were not on the same page. It had ran it course.


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