31 Days of Style: Self Image

Happy Tuesday Lovebugs!

When you see yourself, what is it that you see? Is it flaws? Shortcomings? Mistakes? Imperfections?

Some of us struggle with how we see ourselves and the remedy for that is very simple: Ask God to help you see yourself the way that God sees you.

Our self image has the ability to affect major decisions in our lives i.e. career, relationships.  You may be wondering, how?? Well, when we have a distorted view of ourselves, we begin to project the us that we see to others when in all actuality, they see us in a totally different light. In essence, we're asking others to come into agreement with our insecurities, our negative self views and more. 

I want you to spend an evening with God. I want you to spend some time with God and really talk to Him about you. Be vulnerable with Him. Be transparent. Go to Him expecting that He will meet you. Meet Him with the intention of getting answers to the questions you have about yourself and prepare for your life to change!

Our self image is very important. But what's more important is making sure we see ourselves the way that God does. So, look in the mirror, declare that you're beautiful and spend the rest of today doing just that: being beautiful, flaws and all!

Amy :)


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