31 Days of Style: Keep It Cute Kit


Hello Roxie's Powder Room! 

It sure has been an awesome 31 Days of Style! I definitely enjoyed reading about fashion, hair care and simple tips! 

So, what's left to do as you continue on into Spring? Keep your appearance up of course! 

Every woman should have a "Keep It Cute Kit" in their purse . This kit will come in handy for those windy days that cause bad hair days, when your make-up smudges and making sure you are presentable to the world when you leave your house!  

Here are a few items that will benefit you well in your Keep It Cute Kit: 

1) brush/ comb 


2) Compact mirror 


3) Tweezers 


4) make-up/ eye linerlip stick 

5) wet wipes ( yes including your flushable ones) 

6) Perfume of the day 

7) Lotion 

8) Last but not least, a pair of flats 

Happy Spring lovelies!  

Jhotee Mosley xoxo


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