30 Days of Style: Beauty Redefined


Happy Sunday Lovebugs :)

The beauty industry is a MULTI-BILLION dollar instrusty. From hair weaves to expensive cosmetic surgery, it seems to provide everything we need to be "beautiful". But what does it really mean to beautiful?  

When we think about beauty, the first thing some of us think about is the external: a gorgeous face, luscious hair and a body to die for. But as women, our standard of beauty should differ from everyone else in the world. Although there's nothing wrong with presenting the best us through our outfits and perfect shoes, we know our beauty rests on those qualities we possess within. 

Are we beautiful because we carry a $700 purse or because we're kind and gentle?  Are we beautiful because we get our hair blown out every week or because we refuse to act out of character?  Are we beautiful because we have a closet full of expensive designer clothes or because we exhibit the fruit of the spirit daily?

Moving forward, let's concentrate on capitalizing on our inner beauty. Don't just focus on what we look like, let's focus on who we are. We are women of strength. We are women of integrity. So, rethink your definition of beauty Ladies.  A designer bag may be of good quality and last agreat while however, the reputation of a woman who's inner beauty outshines her external, will have people talking for a lifetime! 

Amy :)


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