Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love, Day 7


Hello there Lovebugs :)

CONGRATULATIONS!! It's been a full week since we began "Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love". 

Today's Act of Love is: GIVE A COMPLIMENT!

It does not hurt to give someone a compliment. It does not cost anything to tell someone that they are doing a good job. Imagine how much brighter a person's day can be if we just told them how special they are. Being kind costs us absolutely nothing while the person on the receiving end of our kindness believes it is priceless. Make sure you give honor where honor is due today and point out the great things that everyone does as oppose to the not so great things. 

Be sure to write down your struggles, challenges and outcomes of each act of love you perform. Also, make sure you use the hashtag #RPRLOVEDARE on all social media sites to show participation in this challenge. 

Now, on your mark. Get ready. Set. LOVE!

Amy :)


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