Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love, Day 4

Hello there Lovebugs :)

Here we are at Day 4 of "Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love". 

Today's Act of Love is: EXTEND A HELPING HAND!

February just oozes the word "love"! Red and pink roses beautifully arranged on a display. Different kinds of chocolate candies and cards to buy for that special someone. But showing your love for someone through gifts does not have to stop there. Allow love to be shown by who you are, not what you can purchase.

Even in a marriage, the husband and wife can become accustomed to their positions. They may forget that their spouse can become overwhelmed at times, failing to offer a helping hand. 
For example, while you are out enjoying your day, you may see your spouse do something as simple as dropping an item 
on the floor. Don't wait or hesitate to show that you care by picking it up. 

Love isn't just a word to be spoken. Love is a verb. It requires action. So allow your love language to not just be lingering on empty. Allow it to hold weight through your actions. A hand extended, is a care shown!

Be sure to write down your struggles, challenges and outcomes of each act of love you perform. Also, make sure you use the hashtag #RPRLOVEDARE on all social media sites to show participation in this challenge. 

Now, on your mark. Get ready. Set. LOVE!

Jhotee Mosley :)


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