Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love, Day 26


Hello there Lovebugs :)

We're down the home stretch! It's Day 26 of the "Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love". 

Today's Act of Love is: FORGIVE YOURSELF!

There are some things that we've done that we're simply not proud of. We've made mistakes. We've let our imperfections get the best of us. We haven't always made the best decision.  But there comes a time where we have to let go of everything we've done. Forgiveness should not only be extended to others but ourselves as well. We have to be able acknowledge and accept the things we've done that weren't good and then move on. So, today let go of every single that you are holding against yourself! 

As always, be sure to write down your struggles, challenges and outcomes of each act of love you perform. Also, make sure you use the hashtag #RPRLOVEDARE on all social media sites to show participation in this challenge. 

Now, on your mark. Get ready. Set. LOVE!

Amy :)


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