Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love, Day 22


Hello there Lovebugs :)

It's Day 22 of the "Roxie's Powder Room's Love Dare: 29 Acts of Love". 

Today's Act of Love is: BE AFFECTIONATE! 

There's something extraordinary about human touch.  When first born, skin to skin contact is vital for newborns. The closeness is soothing and therapeutic. When we offer a hug or a mere pat on the back, we are transferring positive energy to the individual we are interacting with. We are allowing them to let their guards down to be vulnerable, unashamed and comforted. 

Who can benefit from a hug from you today?  Who's hand can you hold to let them know that everything will be alright?  Who's day can be just a little brighter because of just one touch from you? 

As always, be sure to write down your struggles, challenges and outcomes of each act of love you perform. Also, make sure you use the hashtag #RPRLOVEDARE on all social media sites to show participation in this challenge. 

Now, on your mark. Get ready. Set. LOVE!

Amy :)


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