Too Familiar


Hello Roxies Powder Room! 

I first want to give thanks to the Lord for being faithful. He has done everything He said He would do and more. I am forever grateful! 

I know a lot of us desire to have close and personal relationships with people. We want the type of relationship with someone who knows us in side and out, someone who we can rely on. But most of us don't even realize that familiarity can lead to us being too comfortable. 

Being comfortable with an individual, even a loved one isn't always a good thing. We may take for granted the love and understanding they have for us, forgetting the purpose they serve in our lives. For example: even in a workplace setting, though we may know our boss is kind and patient, some of us may advantage of their kindness by being late often because they do not correct us right away. Another example is taking advantage of a loved one by helping ourselves to their belongings or not even being mindful of how we express our feelings because we think "that's my sister" or "that's my best friend, they know how I am". The same moment we take that one individual for granted is the exact same moment we may disrespect or hurt them. 

So in every situation, no matter who you are dealing with, make it a point to respect them in the way you want to be respected. Treat them how you want to be honored and loved and always remember not to become too familiar. 

Peace and blessings,  

Jhotee Mosley xoxo


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